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Different maintenance methods for different raincoats

- Apr 23, 2018 -

A raincoat is actually a kind of clothing that can be used to keep out rain. It is usually made of waterproof fabric. If you want to classify a raincoat, it can be roughly divided into three categories: the first type is a rubber coat, the second is a raincoat, and the third is a plastic film raincoat. So what do these three types of raincoats look like? Follow the children's raincoat.

Category 1: rubber-coated raincoats.

If your raincoat is a rubberized raincoat, you should immediately put the used clothes in a cool, airy place and dry the raincoat.

Category 2: raincoat.

If your raincoat is rain wear a raincoat, as raincoat is after the rain, you can't use hand or fur hats to hail the clothes on the rain, because doing so may damage the raincoat fiber waterproof performance.

Category 3: plastic film raincoats.

If your raincoat is plastic raincoat, as raincoat is after the rain, you should immediately wipe with dry cloth raincoat above water, or take a raincoat to a cool and dry place, to dry it.

The raincoat should be well maintained, otherwise the service life of the raincoat will be shortened accordingly, and cannot use its own value. Do you remember the maintenance methods of all kinds of raincoats?