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What are the main points of the maintenance of children's raincoats

- Apr 23, 2018 -

Use life, and can make children use more hygienic and comfortable.

After the use of the best dry cloth to dry, dry in the shade, not in the hot sun.

Do not rub the raincoat, so that the PVC and nylon cloth are separated, causing the air to seep into the bubble.

Rubber raincoat storage.

When collecting a rubber raincoat, the newspaper can be lined in the lining, or a layer of prickly heat powder, which can be stored for a long time.

It will bond.

Plastic raincoat wrinkling.

There is a slight wrinkle on the raincoat, which can be hung on a hanger to make it naturally smooth. If the wrinkles are tight, you can use the raincoat.

Soak in around 70 ℃ hot water for 2 minutes, take out on the tablet after flattening, then dry the water, can be restored

Be careful not to pull.

Plastic raincoat sticking.

When the plastic raincoat is broken, you can first align it with a piece of cellophane, and then press it with a hot iron rod.

Do not press the pressure too long, so that the cellophane does not burn out, and the following plastic is glued. Holes can be made with the same plastic.

The cloth is cut into a larger square or round piece than the hole, covering the hole, then covered with glass paper, and the same method is used to heat the paste.

To fill.

So that's how the raincoat is maintained. Have you learned it?